• Q-Glow Led Strips (5m Kit)



    Our Q-Glow Led Strips are built using the highest grade Silicone mold and diffusers, this in turn creates a smooth even lighting effect without the "hotspot" 

    This Full kit comprises of:

    - 5m per roll length

    - Standard  Music Controller (set functions)

    Controller can be upgraded to customizable controller, allowing you to customize led patterns to your choice 

    - Power Supply Unit (LED use 14W/M)


    - Super Bright Output
    - Choice of two controllers

        Standard controllers have pre set functions (patterns), only brightness and speed can be altered.

         Pro controllers gives you full control of customizing colors for design patterns, along with brightness and speed.

    **Both controllers are app based on your Phone**

    - Quality Power Supply Unit

        Requirements: LED's use 14W/m, below are a list of Watts need for longer lengths

        5m (1 Roll)- 60W (comes with initial kit) 

        10m (2 Rolls) - 150W

        15m (3 Rolls) - 230W

        20m (4 Rolls) - 320W

        Note when running longer than 5m you will need to run extra power wire to each (5m) section to prevent Voltage Drop.